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21 Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #5


  1. On Facebook, most post engagement currently happens on Thursdays and Fridays.
  2. Facebook may give lower weight to posts that ask people to “Like” something. Try using a different verb such as “join” or “support”.


  1. With Instagram’s new search and explore feature, it’s important to make sure you have the right hashtags.
  2. Unlike Pinterest, you can drop hash tags in your Instagram comments if you forget to put them in the caption.

Google Plus

  1. Google Plus allows you the unique ability to mark up the text in your posts.  To bold text, surround it with asterisks (*). To italicize  text, surround it with underscores (_). I.e. *bold* or _italic_.
  2. Share longer messages on Google Plus, then Tweet the link. This not only allows a longer message, but it’s also a good way to cross-promote your social accounts.


  1. Consider LinkedIn showcase pages to promote an individual product or part of your company.


  1. Experiment with your tweet times but it’s maintain overall consistency. That consistency is how your followers found you in the first place.
  2. Tweets with links are more likely to be re-tweeted than tweets without links.
  3. Your social profiles, especially Twitter, should be dynamic. Change them every couple months.
  4. If a Twitter conversation gets in depth (and perhaps personal), consider moving it to Direct Message so your followers aren’t overwhelmed.
  5. Don’t just tweet an article title and link, offer your thoughts on the article (perhaps in place of the title if space is tight).
  6. Need to share an important update? Consider posting a slight variation two or three times during the day to cover all time zones.

General Social Marketing Tips

  1. Better to target your message at the specific needs of a narrowed group than the general needs of everyone.
  2. Encourage commenting on your blog post by asking users to leave a comment.
  3. Though you will get fewer impressions, you may see higher engagement by posting at “off-peak” hours. There are fewer posts during these times, so yours will stand out more.
  4. When posting about a new product feature, bullet pointing technical specs should be reserved for detail pages. Instead, speak to how it benefits your customer.
  5. It’s not just LinkedIn, most networks enjoy more B2B engagement during the week. B2C fares better on the weekends.
  6. Knowem is a free service that will check your Brand / Username’s availability on popular social networks. Scoop them up before somebody else does!
  7. In your social profiles, consider a website URL that is more tailored to that social network. A “LinkedIn” welcome page, for example.
  8. If you post something inaccurate or inappropriate, it’s often better to apologize or correct, than to delete the post.

Let’s conclude with advice from Viral Scientest (yep, that’s a thing) Jonah Berger:

Content must be surprising, interesting, intense, positive, and actionable.

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