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21 Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #5


  1. On Facebook, most post engagement currently happens on Thursdays and Fridays.
  2. Facebook may give lower weight to posts that ask people to “Like” something. Try using a different verb such as “join” or “support”.


  1. With Instagram’s new search and explore feature, it’s important to make sure you have the right hashtags.
  2. Unlike Pinterest, you can drop hash tags in your Instagram comments if you forget to put them in the caption.

Google Plus

  1. Google Plus allows you the unique ability to mark up the text in your posts.  To bold text, surround it with asterisks (*). To italicize  text, surround it with underscores (_). I.e. *bold* or _italic_.
  2. Share longer messages on Google Plus, then Tweet the link. This not only allows a longer message, but it’s also a good way to cross-promote your social accounts.


  1. Consider LinkedIn showcase pages to promote an individual product or part of your company.


  1. Experiment with your tweet times but it’s maintain overall consistency. That consistency is how your followers found you in the first place.
  2. Tweets with links are more likely to be re-tweeted than tweets without links.
  3. Your social profiles, especially Twitter, should be dynamic. Change them every couple months.
  4. If a Twitter conversation gets in depth (and perhaps personal), consider moving it to Direct Message so your followers aren’t overwhelmed.
  5. Don’t just tweet an article title and link, offer your thoughts on the article (perhaps in place of the title if space is tight).
  6. Need to share an important update? Consider posting a slight variation two or three times during the day to cover all time zones.

General Social Marketing Tips

  1. Better to target your message at the specific needs of a narrowed group than the general needs of everyone.
  2. Encourage commenting on your blog post by asking users to leave a comment.
  3. Though you will get fewer impressions, you may see higher engagement by posting at “off-peak” hours. There are fewer posts during these times, so yours will stand out more.
  4. When posting about a new product feature, bullet pointing technical specs should be reserved for detail pages. Instead, speak to how it benefits your customer.
  5. It’s not just LinkedIn, most networks enjoy more B2B engagement during the week. B2C fares better on the weekends.
  6. Knowem is a free service that will check your Brand / Username’s availability on popular social networks. Scoop them up before somebody else does!
  7. In your social profiles, consider a website URL that is more tailored to that social network. A “LinkedIn” welcome page, for example.
  8. If you post something inaccurate or inappropriate, it’s often better to apologize or correct, than to delete the post.

Let’s conclude with advice from Viral Scientest (yep, that’s a thing) Jonah Berger:

Content must be surprising, interesting, intense, positive, and actionable.

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social media tips

Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #4

  1. Use the “readability testing tool” to help determine how readable your content is.
  2. Use Google Alerts to track mentions of your business on the web.

  3. A writing style tip from Mr. Mark Twain that might apply to your social posts:
    If you get the urge to write “very,” substitute “damn” instead.
  4. When posting to Pinterest, keep in mind that women make up 80% of its users.
  5. Looking for content/post ideas? Have a look and see what your competitors popular posting topics are.
  6. Each network has it’s own ad size requirements. This cheat sheet breaks it down for you.
  7. One trick to make your posts a little more “human” is to shorten your sentences.
  8. Encourage website visitors to follow you on Twitter by embedding a Twitter Timeline Widget.
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social media tips

Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #3

  1. The more specific your hashtag is, the more targeted (better engagement) your audience will be.

    It goes back to the quantity/quality rule. You’ll reach fewer followers with a more targeted hashtag, but those few will be more likely to engage.

  2. If used sparingly, line breaks are a great way to make your Tweets catch the eye.

  3. LinkedIn is for professionals. Weekend posts aren’t likely to receive the engagement that weekday posts will.

  4. Starting a Tweet with a username means that only the person mentioned and anyone who follows you both will see it.

    Consider putting the username in the middle of your Tweet if you’re looking to reach more people.

  5. Consider changing your Twitter username if it’s too long. You won’t lose any followers.  By this, I mean that Twitter won’t drop your existing followers.

    You may induce a little confusion, but it will be short term.

  6. If you have a brick and mortar store, make sure your complete address is on Facebook so people can check in.

  7. On Instagram, think of the hash tag as a way to categorize your photos and videos.
  8. While you want to limit how much promotional content you post, it is okay to pin such content to the top of your profile.
  9. Use the Facebook Comments plugin on your blog to increase social reach. There are WordPress plugins that will handle this for you.
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Did you know that your Social Account has dried up?

It was sorely lacking, but now it’s here!

What happens when your social posting lists are empty? Your social accounts dry up, leaving followers wondering what happened to you!

It’s only human to let such a thing happen, so AutomatePlus now provides an email notification to inform you that your lists are empty.

We try to do this in the least obtrusive way possible. You’ll get at most one email per day and it will contain a list of all of your accounts that have “dried up”.

We hope you find this new feature useful. As always, please provide your feedback!

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social media tips

Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #2

  1. Post offers or deals on a regular basis to your social media accounts to retain followers.
  2. Avoid the fancy words in your tweets and posts. Keep it conversational and ditch the big vocabulary.
    If anything, this goes a long way towards reducing your thoughts to the Twitter 140 characters max!
  3. Following up on leads in less than five minutes increases the chance of conversion nine times.
  4. Focus your social efforts on LinkedIn if you have a business to business product or service.
  5. Pinterest pins are arranged by quality rather than recency.  So post quality pins over well-timed pins.
  6. Pin your best content (highest engagements) to the top of your Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.But, keep it rotating – nobody likes a stale Tweet!
  7. Ask your followers questions to fuel discussion.
  8. Tweets and posts under 100 characters usually perform the best. Just because you’re given 140 characters doesn’t mean you need to use all of them.
  9. Check your analytics and focus your social efforts on the networks that produce the highest conversion rates on your site.It’s great to receive traffic from a network, but the traffic you’re interested in is the converting kind.
  10. It’s important that your social posts remain on topic. Otherwise, you may lose followers that don’t find them relevant.When a user decides it’s time to do a little housekeeping on their social account, those that post irrelevant content are the first to go.
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Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #1

Using a great posting tool like AutomatePlus is only part of social media success equation. We’ll continue to provide our one-liner tips to improve your reach and engagement on a bi-weekly to monthly basis!

  1. You don’t engage people by stating facts, you do so by telling a story.
  2. Increase engagement in your posts by swapping out a single word for a more “emotional” synonym. 
  3. You can get away with more hashtags on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but keep them relevant. 
  4. Having at least one image in a blog post increases its chances of being shared on social. 
  5. When conceiving content for posts, be aware of industry-specific dates, like events and tradeshows. 
  6. Use Facebook Groups as another channel to offer customer support.
  7. Having great content isn’t enough, it needs to be extremely easy to share. Think about the position of your share buttons.
  8. Pinterest pins convert more often than Facebook or Twitter posts.
  9. Of the Instagram filters, Mayfair currently has the highest engagement rate.
  10. Sometimes, the easiest way to get followers is to simply ask your visitors or readers to follow you.
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AutomatePlus as an alternative to Buffer and HootSuite

Today AlternativeTo has approved a listing for AutomatePlus. It was submitted as an alternative to Buffer and HootSuite.

While AutomatePlus is still in beta and has yet to integrate the full array of social networks offered by Buffer or Hootsuite, there is a strong foundation that offers a fresh approach to how we manage our social campaigns.

The two driving features being the AutomatePlus social posting tool are:

  • Lists – the ability group your social posts that follow a certain format into lists.For example, if you were an Appliance Retailer, you might tweet a quick appliance maintenance or repair tip on Tuesdays and Fridays.You also might promote a product sale every Monday.

    In addition, you decided to provide industry news on Thursdays and Saturdays.

    All of this is easy to manage with the power of lists.

  • Random Post Times – there’s nothing more obviously robotic than a Twitter account that tweets at the exact same time every day.AutomatePlus allows you to choose a time range for your posts. From there, all posts will be scheduled at a random time within your specified time range.

Oh, did we mention that it’s all FREE?

AutomatePlus is still in beta and will be for some time. During this time, we allow our users to help us shape the future of the product. And what better way to say thanks than to remove the price tag!


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How to Upload Audio Files to Wistia

Anyone who has tried to upload an MP3 file to Wistia before might doubt the usefulness of this post, as you actually can upload an audio file directly through Wistia’s interface.

However, there are limitations with Wistia audio files. The primary limitation being that they can’t be embedded or shared.

To get around this, we first convert our MP3 files to video. This may seem like an involved task, but quite the contrary.  By leveraging online tools, we can make this happen effortlessly.

  1. Come up with a background image for your video. This image will be displayed while the audio is playing. Your logo might be a good fit.Make sure it is at least 640 x 480 pixels. If you’re using a logo and don’t have a large version of it, you can just pad it with white space.

    One other note: It must be saved as a JPG file (explained in step 3)

  2. Visit and upload your video
  3. Choose “Convert MP3 to FLV”. We choose FLV because, for some reason, Wistia is not able to process MP4 files created with this tool.
  4. Choose the image you created in Step #1. You’ll notice that MP3Toolbox only allows JPG images.
  5. Click the “Convert” button, then wait for it to upload and process.
  6. Finally, download your FLV file, then upload it to Wistia.
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Textbox Tamer Update – Expanding Text Fields

Still preparing for the beta launch of AutomatePlus, but I don’t want to lose site of side projects that are helpful to web users like myself.

A couple months ago I released the Textbox Tamer Chrome extension, which I myself use on a daily basis.

I since realized one other frustration I have with web forms. Many times one-line text fields are much smaller than the input you are entering into them. This forces you to click into the field and scroll to the beginning or end to see your entry.

You know what I’m talking about, this kinda thing:


To solve this, I added a little feature to Textbox Tamer that will automatically expand one-line text fields to fit the content that you put in them.

Hope this makes your day just a little bit better!

Get the Textbox Tamer Chrome Extension

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