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Textbox Tamer Update – Expanding Text Fields

Still preparing for the beta launch of AutomatePlus, but I don’t want to lose site of side projects that are helpful to web users like myself.

A couple months ago I released the Textbox Tamer Chrome extension, which I myself use on a daily basis.

I since realized one other frustration I have with web forms. Many times one-line text fields are much smaller than the input you are entering into them. This forces you to click into the field and scroll to the beginning or end to see your entry.

You know what I’m talking about, this kinda thing:


To solve this, I added a little feature to Textbox Tamer that will automatically expand one-line text fields to fit the content that you put in them.

Hope this makes your day just a little bit better!

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text box resize

Textbox Tamer – No more tiny text boxes!

I’m a freelance web developer, so I do a lot of coding. But, I also manage a lot of content for my clients. This could include adding new products to an e-commerce store, creating pages or blog posts or interacting with forms on any number of websites on a daily basis.

I don’t mind managing content, it comes with the job. But it can be tedious and when something is tedious and repetitive, the process should be made as efficient as possible.

Unfortunately, many web forms that I make use of regularly have user interfaces that are surprisingly poor. I’m going to use Netsuite’s web store management app as an example. I recently had to populate a web store with hundreds of items, using the form below:

textbox too small

Ouch, right! The field to enter a detailed description is way too small. You’re thinking, “big deal, just resize it”. But, when I need to use this form dozens of times, it becomes tedious and annoying to have to resize the field each time.

This is but one example in a sea of web forms that have this kind of interface. So annoyance lead to innovation when I decided to create the Textbox Tamer Chrome Extension.

The extension is ridiculously simple, no settings and no icons in your address bar.

Textbox Tamer does one simple job: maintains the size of a text box after you resize it.

Textbox Tamer also:

  • Is “smart enough” to maintain that size across all pages that use the same field
  • Provides a way to restore to the text fields original size easily

Get the Textbox Tamer Chrome Extension.

If you enjoyed using Textbox Tamer and it made your work life a lot easier, you can show your appreciation by donating $10,000. Or, just AutomatePlus and we’ll call it even!

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