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How to Upload Audio Files to Wistia

Anyone who has tried to upload an MP3 file to Wistia before might doubt the usefulness of this post, as you actually can upload an audio file directly through Wistia’s interface.

However, there are limitations with Wistia audio files. The primary limitation being that they can’t be embedded or shared.

To get around this, we first convert our MP3 files to video. This may seem like an involved task, but quite the contrary.  By leveraging online tools, we can make this happen effortlessly.

  1. Come up with a background image for your video. This image will be displayed while the audio is playing. Your logo might be a good fit.Make sure it is at least 640 x 480 pixels. If you’re using a logo and don’t have a large version of it, you can just pad it with white space.

    One other note: It must be saved as a JPG file (explained in step 3)

  2. Visit and upload your video
  3. Choose “Convert MP3 to FLV”. We choose FLV because, for some reason, Wistia is not able to process MP4 files created with this tool.
  4. Choose the image you created in Step #1. You’ll notice that MP3Toolbox only allows JPG images.
  5. Click the “Convert” button, then wait for it to upload and process.
  6. Finally, download your FLV file, then upload it to Wistia.
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