Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #1

Using a great posting tool like AutomatePlus is only part of social media success equation. We’ll continue to provide our one-liner tips to improve your reach and engagement on a bi-weekly to monthly basis!

  1. You don’t engage people by stating facts, you do so by telling a story.
  2. Increase engagement in your posts by swapping out a single word for a more “emotional” synonym. 
  3. You can get away with more hashtags on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but keep them relevant. 
  4. Having at least one image in a blog post increases its chances of being shared on social. 
  5. When conceiving content for posts, be aware of industry-specific dates, like events and tradeshows. 
  6. Use Facebook Groups as another channel to offer customer support.
  7. Having great content isn’t enough, it needs to be extremely easy to share. Think about the position of your share buttons.
  8. Pinterest pins convert more often than Facebook or Twitter posts.
  9. Of the Instagram filters, Mayfair currently has the highest engagement rate.
  10. Sometimes, the easiest way to get followers is to simply ask your visitors or readers to follow you.
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