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Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #2

  1. Post offers or deals on a regular basis to your social media accounts to retain followers.
  2. Avoid the fancy words in your tweets and posts. Keep it conversational and ditch the big vocabulary.
    If anything, this goes a long way towards reducing your thoughts to the Twitter 140 characters max!
  3. Following up on leads in less than five minutes increases the chance of conversion nine times.
  4. Focus your social efforts on LinkedIn if you have a business to business product or service.
  5. Pinterest pins are arranged by quality rather than recency.  So post quality pins over well-timed pins.
  6. Pin your best content (highest engagements) to the top of your Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.But, keep it rotating – nobody likes a stale Tweet!
  7. Ask your followers questions to fuel discussion.
  8. Tweets and posts under 100 characters usually perform the best. Just because you’re given 140 characters doesn’t mean you need to use all of them.
  9. Check your analytics and focus your social efforts on the networks that produce the highest conversion rates on your site.It’s great to receive traffic from a network, but the traffic you’re interested in is the converting kind.
  10. It’s important that your social posts remain on topic. Otherwise, you may lose followers that don’t find them relevant.When a user decides it’s time to do a little housekeeping on their social account, those that post irrelevant content are the first to go.
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