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Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #3

  1. The more specific your hashtag is, the more targeted (better engagement) your audience will be.

    It goes back to the quantity/quality rule. You’ll reach fewer followers with a more targeted hashtag, but those few will be more likely to engage.

  2. If used sparingly, line breaks are a great way to make your Tweets catch the eye.

  3. LinkedIn is for professionals. Weekend posts aren’t likely to receive the engagement that weekday posts will.

  4. Starting a Tweet with a username means that only the person mentioned and anyone who follows you both will see it.

    Consider putting the username in the middle of your Tweet if you’re looking to reach more people.

  5. Consider changing your Twitter username if it’s too long. You won’t lose any followers. ┬áBy this, I mean that Twitter won’t drop your existing followers.

    You may induce a little confusion, but it will be short term.

  6. If you have a brick and mortar store, make sure your complete address is on Facebook so people can check in.

  7. On Instagram, think of the hash tag as a way to categorize your photos and videos.
  8. While you want to limit how much promotional content you post, it is okay to pin such content to the top of your profile.
  9. Use the Facebook Comments plugin on your blog to increase social reach. There are WordPress plugins that will handle this for you.
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