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Social Media Marketing Tips – Collection #4

  1. Use the “readability testing tool” to help determine how readable your content is.
  2. Use Google Alerts to track mentions of your business on the web.

  3. A writing style tip from Mr. Mark Twain that might apply to your social posts:
    If you get the urge to write “very,” substitute “damn” instead.
  4. When posting to Pinterest, keep in mind that women make up 80% of its users.
  5. Looking for content/post ideas? Have a look and see what your competitors popular posting topics are.
  6. Each network has it’s own ad size requirements. This cheat sheet breaks it down for you.
  7. One trick to make your posts a little more “human” is to shorten your sentences.
  8. Encourage website visitors to follow you on Twitter by embedding a Twitter Timeline Widget.
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