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AutomatePlus is more than just scheduling posts. It allows you to manage your posts in a way that better serves your audience and looks more natural than other traditional “post-at-the-same-time-every-day” social tools.

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Mobile Social Media Management

Increase engagement. Get more followers.

Increase engagement by posting at the right time. Gain followers by posting more often.

AutomatePlus makes both possible through a unique method of organizing and scheduling posts.

Did we mention that it's FREE?

Too good to be true? Why not find out?



How Steve Uses AutomatePlus to Engage his Followers

Steve's Fitness Center wants to engage and grow their followers on Twitter by providing more than just promotional updates.

They want to provide valuable information.

Steve creates three Automate Plus lists:

Steve has a list of tips in a Word Document.

He uses the AutomatePlus bulk import option to quickly import all of his posts.

Ironically, Steve isn't really the motivational type.

He invites his friend Sue to manage the “Start-the-Day Motivation” list.

Steve can let AutomatePlus take it from here!

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